Azuga partnered with AntStack to develop a highly customizable Field Service Management application positioned as a cross-functional solution across industries and use cases.
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AWS Lambda, NextJs, Serverless Framework, nodeJs

Problem Statement

Azuga partnered with AntStack to develop a highly customizable Field Service Management application positioned as a cross-functional solution across industries and use cases. The product integrates field services like asset tracking, worker and job scheduling, log reporting, and worker payout. The product adhered to multi-tenant architecture and utilized serverless cloud technology to free Azuga from server provisioning and maintenance duties.

About Azuga

Azuga is a Bridgestone enterprise that operates in the fleet ecosystem and develops solutions for smart fleet tracking, asset tracking, dual-facing dashcam solution, road usage charging programs, etc. Azuga works at the intersection of safety and productivity to enhance operations in the fleet ecosystem and reduce associated risk and cost.

A field service management (FSM) system organizes an organization’s field resources by coordinating field operations through a mobile workforce. It typically involves scheduling service orders, dispatching agents, and tracking vehicle locations, job and worker statuses.

News outlets like Yahoo Finance, Globe Newswire, Automotive Fleet, and Bridge Stone have covered Azuga’s innovation and safety-first solutions. Azuga endeavors to develop an end-to-end integrated field service management application combining the power of telematics and work order management.

Goals and Expectations:

Developing the Perfect FSM Solution that Boosts Fleet Safety and Productivity.

Azuga was facing challenges in reducing operational bottlenecks in its earlier product implementation. They were at risk of losing existing customers and hence ground in the competitive market. They believed the new product would have a twofold benefit of attracting new customers and appeasing the existing ones, resulting in a reduction in attrition.

Azuga’s prime ask was to develop a multifaceted and multi-tenant SaaS application that had cross industries use cases. The application required cost optimizations built into the system to augment its value proposition in the competitive market.

Azuga’s field service management (henceforth, FSM) duties involve tasks like scheduling service orders, dispatching agents, tracking vehicle locations, and job and worker statuses. AntStack collaborated with Azuga to build a software infrastructure that could support these services.

A Fleet Tracking and Management application is required to be dense with information from different parties and stakeholders in the chain. They typically display statuses and updates for various agents with GPS tracking. Azuga insisted on building a holistic dashboard to navigate information from myriad sources easily. Autosave was an explicit request from the Azuga team that served as a crucial feature enhancement.

Flexibility was another item on Azuga’s key product guidelines. This was accomplished by introducing portals where jobs and customer information could be added, edited, or deleted. A search function was augmented to enable accessibility with this portal for users to filter relevant results.

Scheduling forms the crux of fleet management software, dictating the relation between active jobs, and workers through live map updates. Azuga requested a calendar-like interactive page with scheduled jobs and a customizable interface to edit job details.

Another salient facet of FSM is managing timesheets and worker payout details. These jobs include finding the total time expended by the worker on a job, setting worker payout rate and skill level, and configuring job status.

Overall Impact

  • Towards an Optimized and Efficient Field Service Management Application Developed on the Foundations of Serverless Architecture.
  • The front end of the product is developed in the Next.js framework along with SaSS for styling the layouts.
  • Easily Navigable Dashboard - AntStack envisioned a customer-centric dashboard with resizable widgets and themes to aid users’ preferences.
  • Data import became the core functionality of the application, used to upload jobs, users, invoices, etc.
  • Job Scheduling provides the list of scheduled and unscheduled jobs with details like date, time, team integration, etc.
  • An information edit window was designed to make editing and changing details for customers and jobs accessible by the customer.
  • A timesheet is used to calculate the time a worker spends on their job by tabulating every worker’s status on each job.
  • Webpack is used to create the deployment package containing the code and dependencies, while Jenkins is used for creating a CI/CD pipeline.

Way Forward

Azuga is satisfied and happy with the solution and guidance rendered by AntStack. Through our partnership, we developed a multi-tenant field service management application with use cases that transcend industries.

AntStack, through its experience in serverless technology, brings domain expertise and wisdom to suit your specific on-cloud needs. Reach out to us for your serverless transition needs and optimize your organization’s efficiency.

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