Channel Rock Technologies developed a project management tool that eases the gaps and pain points across the construction industry, by leveraging the serverless architecture.
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Manufacturing & Construction


Figma, ReactJS, AWS Lambda, nodeJs, cdk, stripe

Problem Statement

Optimize workflow and enhance throughput with the latest design and architecture principles


Architecture projects and Construction undertakings have a life span of multiple years, often stretching beyond the completion date due to myriad physical and management variables. These projects involve big teams that work collaboratively across long time frames and distances.

A large chunk of documents is circulated across these projects. Plans and documentation are bounced back and forth between parties resulting in a long chain of communication containing many edits and revisions. Authorization and authentication are onerous and chaotic without online workspace management.

The client was maintaining the documents and discussion threads manually through google sheets and docs. Also, controlling access to files and data for users in a particular workspace was a repetitive and redundant job. Earlier, the circulation of minutes of meeting (MOM) involved human intervention and thus was cumbersome and prone to error.


The need was pressing to build an efficient workspace/task management tool to make life in the construction business easier and more structured via automation and cloud storage.

The client required the integration of a real-time chat and payment gateway to enable the purchase of seats in teams. Another client ask was to build authorization and authentication into the tool, to improve security.

Furthermore, register functionality - both static and dynamic - needed to be set up to allow for file upload and discussion threads. While static registers provide space for discussion, dynamic registers facilitate edits, and revision. This required a dedicated file storage system with enough space to accommodate future growth.

AntStack’s decision was to go serverless with Amazon Lambda implementation and use AWS’s cloud infrastructure as a backbone to support rapid scale-up and cost management in the future.

About Platform Suite

Channel Rock Technologies was founded with the vision to help architecture professionals navigate challenges effectively in the construction and design industry. They possess a deep comprehension of the gaps and pain points in the current construction workflow and wish to craft products attuned to these problems.

The company’s philosophy is to persevere and break through the core of the problem to get to the solution. Channel Rock Technologies believes in innovation through collaborative solutions developed by architects and designed for the architects. They operate from a holistic understanding of the difficulties in the everyday life of a construction employee.

Goals and Expectations:

Optimized Workflow with an On-Cloud Serverless Solution

Workspace Creation and Assigning Users

The application was coded in ReactJS and deployed on AWS’s CloudFront distribution through Amplify framework while the backend was developed in Typescript. This eased managing SSL certificates and provided automatic checks for cache invalidation.

Workspace creation and management is the biggest time-saver for companies and users alike, as it bundles different operations and features together with access control and reliability.

File and Register Storage

AWS’s S3 is used for file storage(data source), while DynamoDB is deployed at the backend to store user, workspace, and project-related details. DynamoDB is a NoSQL database that uses hashing to log as key-value pair, enabling fast access.

Real-time Messaging and Notifications

Instant messaging is deployed using AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS), which supports SMS texting, emails, and push notifications. SNS can broadcast the message in mass to all subscribed systems with minimum cost.

Document Sharing

Actionable items like Minutes of Meeting (MOM) and crucial data are made available to every authenticated user in real-time via the serverless Vendia Share service.

Authentication and Authorization

The client’s existing authentication procedure was manual, requiring an administrator to function as a secure bridge. AntStack used AWS’s Cognito from Amplify framework to handle user registration and authentication. It comes packed with OAuth 2.0 authorization, significantly reducing the time and manpower to safeguard data.

Payment Gateway

The client did not use an exclusive payment gateway to support monetary transactions. AntStack deployed Stripe as the payment gateway solution for its easy access and integration to AWS. It is a fully automated and reliable solution used by big businesses like Amazon, Slack, and Shopify.

The application uses AWS Codebuild to enable CI/CD pipeline to streamline new code delivery and deployment. It complies, tests, and builds an executable to run fresh code. The different components of the application communicate using AWS SQS, and the API Gateway is used as Rest API to exchange information from the backend.

Overall Impact

The AWS Lambda serverless framework made with Vendia is cost-efficient, based on the pay-what-you-use model of cloud computing. By going serverless, the infrastructure is abstracted away from the user without the need for active management and provisioning on the client’s part.

AWS cloud technology with Vendia makes it effortless to scale operations to sustain future growth while providing a faster turnaround time per operation.

Serverless system that does not require dedicated management and provides streamlined new code deployment triggered from GitHub version control. Use of AWS infrastructure and services to deploy the application in favor of cost-efficiency and ease in operation scale-up. Each user is assigned and authenticated to their workspace, saving time and administrative effort. Maintain complete project history and documents shared with revision and edit details. Invite consultants or professionals from outside the team to collaborate on the project, and generate bills with easy task/job tracking.

Way Forward

AntStack successfully fulfilled Channel Rock Technologies’ requirements and smoothened the workflow specific to the construction industry. They stand satisfied with the delivery and plan to take the application live within a month for extensive testing and market-wide adoption.

Going forward, Channel Rock Technologies plans to implement additional services like reporting, time-sheet management, invoicing, and sample collection tracking into their product. These features are currently in the pipeline and are expected to be executed in the subsequent development phase.

Reach out to us for all your Serverless cloud solution requirements that optimize your time and money.

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