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Problem Statement

LANDAUER strived to improve public health and safety with radiation technology, research, and tools. They were looking for a new serverless portal to enhance speed, minimize latency, simplify navigation, and streamline most common tasks while automating their existing radiation management system.

About Landauer

LANDAUER is the leader in radiation science and services, with 78% of US hospitals favoring it. They provide tools and support to organizations with potential exposure to ionizing radiation, helping them achieve their radiation safety goals. As the first organization to recognize and address radiation risks, and with a sustained history of innovation and dedication unequaled in the industry, LANDAUER is uniquely positioned to lead this quest for improved personal and public health and safety across the globe. Their proprietary, state-of-the-art optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) technology enables the most precise measurements possible for occupational radiation monitoring and environmental monitoring and a full range of specialized applications, including machine quality assurance and patient radiation monitoring. Backed with advanced technology, they run the most flexible dosimetry programs and the best customer service offered by the industry.

Goals and Expectations:

LANDAUER offers a wide range of dosimetry services, readers, and reporting tools for both routine and special monitoring applications. LANDAUER was expecting a user-friendly radiation management portal that saves time and makes it easy to perform account management tasks. They wanted to update and modernize the myLDR platform, the platform which helps users meet dosimetry services needs. Each user logs in to this platform for periodic monitoring. They were looking for an advanced solution that was easy to set up. They needed to perform special calculations for standard dose calculation protocol to provide a more accurate estimation of radiation dose. LANDAUER was looking for a proposition to enable user search functionality with millisecond latency on their existing website. They were losing out on database performance due to millisecond delays. Improving latency would mean reduced time for the user to place a request and get a response. Prior to solution implementation by Antstack, LANDAUER was using dotNet services running on huge Windows EC2 instances. In the new system, they didn’t want to set up another EC2 cluster for the additional search functionality. They decided to go ahead with serverless for its numerous benefits and wanted to shift from managing large EC2 clusters and enable this functionality on a lambda function.

Technology Advancement with New Serverless Platform

The upgrade and initial deployment were done in just a couple of days by AntStack, while the additional features were added as and when the requirements arrived. LANDAUER was facing challenges with the old system and was pleased with the following outcomes:

Automation in Deployment

LANDAUER’s old system involved manual deployments, which were more prone to errors, breaks and taking more time to deploy new features and perform testing. Antstack set up the infrastructure using AWS CDK, along with GitHub actions (pipeline). With this transition, the client didn’t need to worry about deploying the infrastructure manually. Automated deployments led to smoother processes as the automated testing tools with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), i.e., CI/CD pipelines catch bugs well before production. Automated release safeguarded and ensured successful blue/green deployments.

Flexible and Secure Notification Service

LANDAUER’s notification system showed numerous errors and service failures, which were crucial for managing their client’s records. There were many instances of failed ingestion and delete requests. Antstack helped them set up an SNS (Simple Notification Service) topic for simplified handling of errors. It enabled the LANDAUER team to send notifications to the clients, eliminating the possible hiccups. The DevOps team could subscribe to the topic and receive all notifications. Whenever there was any service failure, they could immediately resolve it in no time.

Simple Integration with Upgrades in the Existing setup

LANDAUER wanted to keep the existing setup while upgrading the system. Antstack exposed them to an HTTPS API that could be queried independently without having to make a lot of changes to the existing setup. They helped create an API with a Lambda or HTTP integration quickly. The result was a default catch-all route and a default stage that was configured to deploy changes automatically. To make a database query, they could call an application through API to execute a Lambda function.

Cost-effective Solution

Before implementation, the cost of scaling the system up and down, depending on user engagement, was very high. Antstack helped LANDAUER use API Gateway with lambda functions utilizing serverless services and pay for only what was being consumed. This allowed them to scale it up during peak times and scale down without having to worry about downtime or high latency. Additionally, as the system was event-driven, Antstack utilized Lambda functions to process the events, resulting in significant cost savings.

Secure Data Protection

Post implementation, LANDAUER was able to offer secure connections to its users. Using API Gateway security mechanism and connecting it to Lambda resources secures communication and reduces the chances of exposing data.

Overall Impact

  • The updated system is faster, easier to navigate, and more streamlined to perform most common tasks.
  • Significant cost savings with the onset of Lambda functions to process the events.
  • An effective serverless system with lambda instead of existing bulky EC2 infrastructure.
  • Better scalability and search functionality for users with the database migration.



Way Forward

Antstack was able to exceed the goals and expectations of LANDAUER by delivering an optimized solution. They are very impressed and continue to work with Antstack to advance their systems further. LANDAUER has moved to the serverless services provided by AWS and wants to move their bulky EC2 infrastructure to lambda Serverless. Not just their API infrastructure, they are also looking to migrate their database to AWS OpenSearch services for better scalability and search functionality. In the future, LANDAUER wants to leverage Antstack’s expertise to migrate their database from CouchBase to OpenSearch and set up the backend APIs to interact with OpenSearch. Antstack simplifies and optimizes the operational management and deployment of a serverless system. If you are looking to upgrade your business application with end-to-end support.

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