How Serverless Modernises Construction Management Business in 2024
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4 min read Apr 24, 2024

How Serverless Modernises Construction Management Business in 2024

In today’s ever-evolving construction industry, staying competitive requires businesses to prioritise optimisation and agility. The construction industry has seen many technological advances, but one of the most significant innovations has been the emergence of serverless computing. Serverless computing is a cloud-based technology that allows businesses to run their apps, dashboards, and templates without managing a server.

For construction businesses, serverless computing can modernise their operations and make them more efficient. With serverless, construction managers can access and analyse data in real time and make decisions faster. They can also streamline processes by using automated workflows triggered by certain events. Additionally, construction managers can quickly adjust to changing conditions with cloud-based systems without investing in new hardware.

Ways of Modernising Construction Management With Serverless

1. Project Management Platforms

Today’s construction industry is undergoing massive transformations with the help of evolving project management platforms. Construction management is no longer business as usual but is becoming more innovative, efficient, and comprehensive.

Project management platforms enable project teams to communicate and collaborate on projects remotely without needing physical meetings. For example, teams can access project and documentation information from any global location. Subcontractors, project managers, and other stakeholders can also access information about the project’s progression and budgeting.

Project management platforms are also beneficial for companies that want to keep track of all documents and communications related to the project. By implementing a project management platform, all documents related to the project are stored securely and accessible only by key team members, eliminating the need for multiple versions of these communications.

2. Real-Time Project Tracking

By leveraging modern project management platforms, such as Procore, construction teams have real-time visibility into the progress of projects. This visibility enables teams to identify any unexpected slowdowns and adjust as needed to keep projects moving efficiently.

Real-time project tracking also allows construction managers to accurately monitor and assess project costs. It will enable managers to budget more accurately and control costs over time. Additionally, real-time project tracking reduces the possibility of human errors when tracking project data, resulting in better cost estimates and more accurate job costing.

3. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is an advanced data analytics tool that uses algorithms to analyse large datasets to gain insights and make predictions about future trends. With predictive analytics, construction companies can use past data to gain insight into what will likely happen shortly.

By leveraging predictive analytics, construction companies can better anticipate and address potential problems before them arising. It can help them better manage projects, identify potential issues, and optimise time expenditure by accounting for the issues beforehand.

Integrating predictive analytics also allows project teams to make significantly more informed decisions at every stage.

4. Intelligent Insights for Equipment Control

Using Intelligent Insights for Equipment Control can unlock incredible productivity, safety, and efficiency gains. The combination of AWS Lambda, serverless dashboards, serverless templates, and cutting-edge data science modernises construction management.

AWS Lambda provides the spine for Intelligent Insights for Equipment Control. By allowing users to quickly design serverless dashboards, serverless apps, and serverless templates, Lambda is a great way to implement serverless solutions. This platform will enable users to run complex analyses, render high-quality graphics, and create real-time models — incredibly useful for construction management.

Businesses can use intelligent insights to analyse equipment usage to identify areas that need improvement and optimisation. It includes performance maintenance, asset utilisation, and capital allocation strategies.

5. Migration From Paper-Based Processes

Migration from paper-based processes to digital systems is one of the most impactful changes in the construction management industry. Ditching paper-based processes in favour of digital ones empower construction managers to automate routine processes and sustain digital, accessible records for everything.

Firms that employ a modern, digital approach can achieve excellence in customer service and remain agile as the industry constantly shifts. Automating routine processes helps to reduce inefficiencies and therefore improves accuracy and productivity throughout the construction process.

The automation of paperwork, coupled with the significant reduction in human input, removes the chance of unnecessary delays or human error, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. Additionally, digital processes can eliminate paperwork, allowing project tracking from wherever employees work — the home office or the actual construction site. Digital construction management is paving the path for a brighter future for the construction industry.

Wrapping Up

By embracing serverless, construction businesses can take advantage of the modern tools and capabilities available to them. These include getting insight into their project’s performance with serverless dashboards, managing workflows and processes with serverless apps, and quickly creating digital strategies with serverless templates. It can help construction businesses stay competitive and complete their projects faster and more efficiently than ever.

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