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Life in the Antverse

Here, you find cheerful smiles and content hearts because every day we keep learning to love our work more and live our life more. We lift each other's spirits and help each other unlock our new potential. We love everything we do because of how we do it and with whom we do it.

Our Cultural Values


Customers' in Our Colony

We prioritise and value our customers, our prime focus is to gain their trust and delight them. Finding a customer is not as easy as losing them. So we ensure to live up to their expectations but also provide genuine inputs with transparency. We hustle to provide the best customer experience and simplified solutions of high quality and velocity.


Stack Curiosity

We believe in asking “Why, How and What”. It helps us to stay curious, find new possibilities. It also guides us to seek different answers and improve ourselves in multiple ways. We care about collective ideas and always say yes to learning new things. Because “The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop living”.


Be a Humble Ant

To us, being empathetic, kind and humble matters. We are polite and gentle to our customers, colleagues, friends and family. Everyone has a story, so we welcome people with open arms to share their feedback and criticism. We take responsibility and ownership but also ask for help when needed. We ensure to appreciate everyone around us.


Fail Fast

We take new paths and accept risks. It helps us to either achieve our goal or learn a lesson. A true failure occurs only when one has not learnt anything. So, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable by choice and fail fast. Because failing fast means understanding what works and what does not work. Failing fast means learning fast and growing fast with abundant knowledge.



We think big, take small consistent steps and make sure our actions have an effective outcome. Because we know the value of everyone’s time, money and energy and we respect it. Our objective is to work on our mission by being adaptive, flexible and focused. To achieve all our long-term goals and short term-goals on time.

How the colony works

Freedom and Flexibility

We never draw boundaries or ask you to stay within a box. We let you explore, learn and experiment to find your ground in everything you believe as an individual.

Colony Freedom

Celebrate Milestones

We applaud, credit each and every brain for their phenomenal work while we also celebrate our milestones as a team. Parity all the way.

Collaborative Colony

Autonomous Adventure

There are few adventures which offer more experience when you are on your own. We give room for you to impact and be impacted in your unique way.

Autonomous Adventure at AntStack


Everyone here gives their best and beyond, so we ensure when you are here, you deserve the best. Our inclusiveness is embracing 'All of You' together with trust and admiration.

Collective Community


Our coffee-breaks are more coffee and more of exchanging stories that inspire us. We always have something or the other in the works - our next big projects, an epic party, a fun team out or a random wednesday evening stacked with exciting activities.

Funstack at AntStack
Life at AntStack
Team Meeting at Office
AntStack Team
Celebrations at AntStack
Team Members Playing Instruments
Table Tennis at AntStack
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Join us and feed your curiosity abundantly,
there is always room for the right ants in our colony.

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