The Role of Serverless in Pharma Vision
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4 min read Sep 20, 2023

The Role of Serverless in Pharma Vision 4.0

The concept of Pharma Vision 4.0 is based on the idea of bringing together the entire drug development process into a single, virtual, and connected platform.

Serverless technology has revolutionised Pharma Vision 4.0, providing unprecedented flexibility and scalability for pharma companies to manage their complex operations. As a result, investing in expensive server infrastructures and hardware is no longer necessary---all that is needed are applications running on the cloud and accessed as services through API (Application Programming Interface) calls.

This paradigm shift towards agile deployment and cost-effective solutions offers immense potential for pharmaceuticals to implement novel projects while seamlessly maintaining existing workflows quickly. Serverless architectures have enabled organisations to stay ahead of the competition by leveraging their distributed nature, virtually limitless resource scaling capacity, high availability, and robust security features. They also help automate the drug discovery process to manage supply chain operations efficiently. 

Uses of Serverless in Pharma

1. Research & Clinical Trials

One of the most significant advantages of serverless technology for pharma companies is that it enables them to scale their research and clinical trials quickly and easily. With serverless, companies can quickly ramp up their research practices without investing in and managing additional servers. It means they can conduct their trials faster, allowing them to develop new drugs and treatments more quickly.

Additionally, serverless technology reduces the cost of running research and clinical trial applications costs. Companies can significantly reduce IT costs associated with research and clinical trials by cutting out the need for manual server configuration and maintenance.

2. Automated Pattern Detection

Serverless technologies can automate processes and operations, reducing the need for manual labour. AWS Lambda, for instance, is a serverless computing service that allows users to streamline the process of getting jobs done, such as batch processing and cron jobs. Similarly, pharma companies can use serverless technologies to simplify API (application processing interface) development and management by using API Gateway, a serverless API management service.

Moreover, pharma companies can leverage serverless computing to deploy cloud-native applications and services such as GitHub, a popular version control platform. GitHub offers a suite of serverless technologies that enable developers to create, deploy, and manage applications and services quickly and easily.

3. Unified Dashboards

One of the most used serverless technologies in the pharmaceutical industry is the implementation of unified dashboards for all stakeholders, including research & commercial teams. A unified dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the organisation’s data analytics, allowing for better decision-making processes. A pharmaceutical company can quickly identify trends, analyse data, and make informed decisions with a unified dashboard.

Implementing a unified dashboard for all stakeholders begins by selecting a platform designed for the pharmaceutical industry. This platform should include real-time analytics, data visualisation, and a secure environment for data access.

4. Seamless Productivity And Communications

For pharma companies, serverless computing can provide numerous benefits that help improve productivity and enhance communications. Serverless computing enables the pharma industry to improve communication between different departments. A single application platform helps reduce complexity and ensures that information is shared quickly and accurately.

Companies can automate various tasks using serverless architectures, from data processing to billing and customer support. It makes it easier for companies to manage their operations efficiently and minimise the time spent on mundane tasks.

4. Cost-Effective Data Security

Serverless computing allows pharma companies to access data from any device and location. It makes it much easier for companies to run their operations without worrying about their data security.

Serverless computing also offers a variety of options for data storage and security. Companies can decide on the type of storage and security they need for their data, allowing them to customise their solution for their specific needs. It can help pharma companies achieve their data storage and security goals more cost-effectively.

5. Speedier GTM (Go-To-Market)

One of the significant benefits of achieving a speedier GTM strategy is its ability to automate many drug development and manufacturing processes. It includes automating the tracking of drugs through the various stages of the drug development process, such as clinical trials, pre-registration, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

Speedier GTM is designed to make it easy for pharmaceutical companies to comply with industry regulations, such as GxP regulation, by providing validation and audit trails for all changes to the system.

Bottom Line

The pharmaceutical industry is a complex and evolving ecosystem that requires a constant stream of innovation. However, with the rise of serverless technologies comes an increased risk of operational challenges that could have long-term consequences for an organisation’s ability to deliver on its digital transformation goals. Your organisation could see significant benefits from using this new technology with proper planning and implementation.

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