A leading cybersecurity company transitioned to a serverless platform to automate its processes to enable growth.
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Problem Statement

The end-to-end modern cyber risk service providing company wanted to build a serverless platform for test runners to enable scanning its Cloud and SaaS platforms. These test runners would run against user’s cloud platforms to generate the report on security configurations. This would ensure constant cloud monitoring and implementation of security standard best practices.

In the first phase, AntStack is helping Snowbit build Cloud (AWS) Test Runners. In the next development phase, AntStack will help Snowbit build more test runners/scanners for platforms like Google Workspace, Slack, and Office 365.

About Snowbit

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, Snowbit (by Coralogix) is a cybersecurity technology innovator. Snowbit’s vision is to empower organizations across the globe to quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively secure themselves against omnipresent and growing cyber risks.

Goals and Expectations:

To Design & Build Test Runners for Scanning Cloud & SaaS platforms.

Snowbit’s problem statement was simple- they wanted to build a serverless system for test runners to scan their clients’ Cloud and SaaS platforms. Prior to working with Antstack, Snowbit had a security team that was dedicated to monitoring the client’s security environment.

Having a team not only increased manpower costs but also added stress in managing the security team and ancillary infrastructure.

One of the main goals for Snowbit in implementing a serverless computing platform was to run cloud environments on demand or at regular intervals on the users’. This made the serverless approach the most efficient and cost-effective. Antstack made each invocation on serverless lambda isolated. It ensured no overlap between the test runs of each user/tenant.

Integrating Serverless Platform by Antstack for Optimal Resource Utilization

The serverless platform by Antstack allows users to add or link their cloud and SaaS environments to Snowbit’s applications. The test runners run on demand or at predefined intervals to go through the predefined test cases in Python on AWS Lambda https://aws.amazon.com/lambda/ and generate a report on how well the environment is configured.

The system also provides the best practices to be integrated to ensure that it is not exposed to any known vulnerabilities.

Automating Test Results

One of the main challenges Snowbit encountered was that there was minimal available API support on specific platforms that Antstack was running the test runners against.

Antstack carefully circumvented alternative solutions using automation tools to ensure they could achieve the required tests.

The system was built from the ground up with serverless architecture. One of the main reasons is that the scanners/test runners need not be stateful in nature. They are expected to run on demand or at regular intervals in the users’ cloud environments; taking the serverless approach is the most efficient and cost-effective.

Automating Systems for Better Efficiency

The Snowbit Orchestrator integrates with the system to trigger alerts to the internal system whenever any alerts are detected on the Coralogix platform for any client environment.

Without the Snowbit orchestrator, monitoring and managing the alerts generated in the system was tedious.

Antstack’s solution automates this process to ensure the security team is alerted for high-priority issues and the required SLA to resolve or work on the alerts.

Automating Systems for Better Resource Utilization & Higher Productivity

Another challenge that Snowbit faced was the heavy reliance on human resources for monitoring clients’ security environments. The report generation process was also manual and hence prone to errors.

Moving to Antstack’s serverless platform has enabled better human resource utilization. Automating these has not only ensured the least human intervention but also made the process error-free, thus boosting overall productivity for Snowbit.

Reduced Management Costs

As a result of a security team manually checking the security environments, leadership and senior management were significantly involved in keeping the team running.

This was an added cost and pressure on the company. Leadership involvement has considerably reduced through the Cloud (AWS) Test Runners built in by AntStack.

Overall Impact

  • Enhanced security standards with state-of-the-art utilization of serverless platforms
  • Automated report generation
  • Automated Cloud Monitoring Environment
  • Nudge-free reporting in case of scanning and security vulnerabilities
  • Decreased management, time and human resource costs

Way Forward

While the systems are in the development stage, Snowbit is set to launch the product AntStack has been building with Cloud (AWS) Test Runners. In the next phase of the development process, AntStack will work with the client to build more test runners/scanners for platforms like Google Workspace, Slack, and Office 365.

AntStack simplifies and optimizes the operational management and deployment of a serverless system. If you are looking to build a highly stable, scalable, and flexible business solution with complete technical support, contact AntStack for a holistic solution today.

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