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Cloud Security

Uncompromised Cloud Security: How DisruptOps built a high-security Cloud Access Manager and achieved 2x Faster turnaround with AntStack

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About Disrupt-Ops

DisruptOps is a Cloud Security Operations Platform that offers real-time monitoring, alerting, and response to security risks in public cloud infrastructures. Their solutions include distributed alerting and response, realtime threat monitoring, security posture monitoring, and automated guardrails for corrective actions. With a commitment to innovation and customer success, DisruptOps is a leading choice for businesses seeking to enhance their cloud security posture.

In September 2021, FireMon, the industry leader in network security policy management (NSPM), acquired DisruptOps. Adding the DisruptOps platform immediately extends FireMon’s solutions to include monitoring and responding to security risks across customers’ public cloud infrastructure. Read more about this acquisition in FireMon’s Press Release.

The Challenge

The objectives of the project are to develop the Cloud Access Manager application with the ambition of providing convenient and secure access to cloud infrastructure.

Our Goals

Hence we built a solution that could check the following list:

  • Enhance the security measures of the existing Cloud Access Manager by implementing a zero trust model and enforcing least privilege access.
  • Empower users to log in to the application and request access to an AWS cloud account, based on the roles assigned to them.
  • Grant approvers the ability to approve or deny access requests promptly as per their discretion.
  • Provide approval strategies that cater to recurring daily usage, including automated approval during work hours.
  • Ensure that users provide the duration of time they need access and the reason behind it to enhance accountability and transparency.
  • Enable the creation of templates for common access patterns to simplify and streamline the access request process.



Customized User Access

The client required a robust and secure process to grant customized access to their AWS cloud account. The solution must enable users to request access based on defined policies and roles, and provide an efficient mechanism for review and approval by authorized approvers.

AntStack delivered a seamless and secure way for the client to grant customized access to their AWS cloud account. By deploying a complete request-driven access system and having a user-accessible dashboard to request and approve access AntStack streamlines the process of granting access, that is compliant with policies and roles.

Customized User Access

Automated Approvals and Templates

The client faced complexity in their existing access request process for daily usage in their application.

The new solution offers a streamlined and efficient access request process for the client’s application, reducing complexity and increasing productivity. By deploying Cognito auth provider and implementing auto-approval strategies and templates, the solution significantly simplifies access requests for daily usage, saving time and effort for the users.

Automated Approvals and Templates

Unbeatable Speed and Efficiency

AntStack’s serverless native approach allows for rapid and seamless access to the dashboard without sacrificing time, while simultaneously increasing the level of security. The solution is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize potential bottlenecks associated with traditional methods of access request processing.

Unbeatable Speed and Efficiency

Cost Effective Scaling

The AntStack solution leverages AWS serverless resources (such as AppSync, Lambda, DynamoDB, etc.), which are all managed by AWS, so the client pays only for what has been used, resulting in minimal concern for scalability and management for the client.

Cost Effective Scaling

A startup within the organisation

DisruptOps had an existing engineering team in-house, but they lacked the bandwidth and expertise to build a new set of features on serverless architecture. AntStack stepped in to build the new set of features for DisruptOps, achieving success with 50% less time and setting a new standard for their internal teams. AntStack’s commitment to DisruptOps’ goals and their willingness to go above and beyond resulted in a remarkable impact and their efforts were recognized when DisruptOps was acquired by FireMon, the industry leader in network security policy management (NSPM). Jody Brazil, CEO at Firemon praised the collaboration saying, “AntStack helped us turnkey the cloud-native development without the wait to fully train up internal developers. Together DisruptOps and Firemon will now deliver the security operations platform of the future.”

Results that speak volumes

AntStack designed a suite of tools that empowered DisruptOps to rapidly move their existing systems onto a customized and more secure environment.

Faster Time to Value
Team Size
Cost Savings
  • DisruptOps achieved a major milestone in just three months by seamlessly migrating its existing systems to a customized, secure, and cost-effective environment.
  • The implementation of customized access to the AWS cloud account enabled DisruptOps to ensure that only authorized personnel had access to sensitive information.
  • The use of a CI/CD pipeline using AWS CDK Pipelines triggered from the GitHub versioning tool enabled DisruptOps to deploy backend infrastructure in a streamlined and automated fashion.
  • The application’s frontend, developed using ReactJS with TypeScript, was deployed on AWS through Amplify console, which provided a seamless and hassle-free deployment process.

In their words

Uncompromised Cloud Security: How DisruptOps built a high-security Cloud Access Manager client pic

Rahul P

Regional Sales Director, DisruptOps

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