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Fleet Management

How Azuga leveraged AntStack's Serverless Architecture to develop a Field Service Management Solution in just 8 months.

Azuga Artwork

About Azuga

Azuga is a Bridgestone enterprise helping you achieve fleet safety and business goals by providing real-time visibility into your fleet dynamics.

The organisation works at the intersection of safety and productivity, scheduling service orders, dispatching agents, and tracking every vehicle in the fleet, from delivery trucks to gas pumps with geo-fencing technology.

Their mission is to enhance operations in the fleet ecosystem and reduce associated risk and cost, all through a mobile workforce.

News outlets like Yahoo Finance, Globe Newswire, Automotive Fleet, and Bridge Stone have covered Azuga’s innovation and safety-first solutions. Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) has completed the acquisition of Azuga Holdings, Inc. (Azuga) and it’s Azuga fleet management platform in September 2021. You can read the press release here.

The Challenge

Azuga was facing challenges in reducing operational bottlenecks in the implementation of its previous product.

They were at risk of losing existing customers and eventually crumbling in the competitive market.

What they needed was a new product that would accomplish the twofold benefit of attracting new customers and appeasing existing ones, resulting in a reduction in attrition.

Our Goals

Azuga’s prime ask was to develop a multifaceted and multi-tenant SaaS application that had cross industries use cases. Hence, Azuga collaborated with AntStack to build a field management software infrastructure that could check the following list:

  • Design the Perfect FSM Solution that Boosts Fleet Safety and Productivity. A holistic dashboard to navigate information from a myriad of sources easily.

  • The flexibility to add, edit, and delete jobs, along with a search function to filter relevant results.

  • A calendar-like interactive page with scheduled jobs and a customizable interface to edit job details.

  • Effortless Timesheets to record the time spent on a job, worker payout rate, skill level, and job status.

  • Autosave was an explicit request that served as a crucial feature enhancement.

  • The entire system needed cost optimization built into the system to provide a competitive edge in the market.



An Interactive Dashboard

  • AntStack brought to life a customer-centric dashboard with responsive and resizable widgets and themes to aid user preferences using the React-Grid-Layout library.
  • The dashboard was populated with styled components that were configurable in size, color, and filters.
  • A web socket connection was leveraged to design the Autosave Feature that updated the dashboard in real-time while a DynamoDB setup intertwined with custom API services powered the backend.
An Interactive Dashboard

Worker Management

  • This component offers access to an editable sheet with worker rates, skills, and teams.
  • On a dedicated skill page, users can choose from various aptitudes that workers possess to assign jobs.
Worker Management

Seamless Data Upload

A key aspect of the application was the ability to import data, which included jobs, users, invoices, etc. To make the import process more effortless, we designed three screens:

  • On the first Data import screen, the user uploads a CSV file or pulls data from another product in the catalog.
  • Second is the Mapping screen, which aligns the fields in CSV files and fields of your database using mapping templates.
  • Finally, we arrive at the Preview screen that displays the status of the import—either successful or failed. The user can now edit and add a successful file to their system or correct an erroneous one.
Seamless Data Upload

Edit and Search

The Information edit window allows customers to edit and change details about their jobs and customers and a search function was equipped to filter out relevant results.

Edit and Search

Schedule Jobs

Editable scheduling provides the list of scheduled and unscheduled jobs with mutable details like date, time, team integration, etc.

Web sockets are engaged for real-time data fetching and updating to facilitate the dynamic scheduling of jobs.

Schedule Jobs

Track Timesheets

A timesheet is used to calculate the time a worker spends on their job by tabulating every worker’s status on each job. This statistic becomes substantial to ascertain workers’ payout, interval time, and activity period.

 Track Timesheets

Experience Automated Deployment

Webpack is used to create the deployment package that enables Azuga to deploy fresh code and patch without constant manual triggers—while promoting the reusability of existing assets.

The added advantage of this approach is to make unit testing easier by employing the Jest APIs.

Experience Automated Deployment

Results that speak volumes

AntStack completed Azuga FSM’s first iteration in just 8 months, with the application ready for testing by beta users.

The thoughtful implementation of the product was achieved chiefly by the AntStack Dev team, from development through deployment.

Faster GTM
Team Size
Cost Savings
  • Azuga was set to deploy a secure serverless FMS in a span of just 8 months which is 2x faster than what they initially anticipated.

  • The solution was developed and deployed with half the team size, without the need for a Dev operations team using Dev owned QA.

  • The client leveraged the pay as you use serverless model and half the team size to reduce recurring cloud maintenance costs by 80%.

In their words

How Azuga leveraged AntStack's Serverless Architecture to develop a Field Service Management client pic

Amit M.

Sr Director and Head of Engineering, Azuga

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