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Therapeutics company achieves 4x faster turnaround building Market Access Application with AntStack

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About Market Access Application

A leading Therapeutics company is committed to developing novel therapies with the potential to transform the lives of people with debilitating disorders of the brain. They are pursuing new pathways to improve brain health and run depression, neurology, and neuropsychiatry franchise programs that aim to change how brain disorders are perceived and treated. Their mission is to make medicines that matter so people can get better, sooner. They aim to transform the practice of neuroscience research and rethink how central nervous system (CNS) disorders are understood and treated. Their mission is to pioneer solutions to deliver life-changing brain health medicines, so every person can thrive.

The Challenge

The existing system’s manual data entry and management resulted in slower turn-around times for contract execution and updating contract related entities. One of the significant obstacles was the system’s limited accessibility, requiring technical knowledge to interact with the database directly. This approach led to an offline contract management process, generating a considerable amount of paperwork and making it challenging to track renewals and expiry.

The high potential for human error also existed since data had to be updated through SQL queries directly. Furthermore, individual users’ fine-grained access control was lacking due to direct interaction with SQL.

The tools available to solve this problem in the market were really expensive to onboard. Since they had to be customized to organizations’ needs the onboarding process and customization of the product specifically for the customer was going to take a few months with a lot of to and fro between the tool vendors and customer. In response, the customer approached AntStack to develop a more efficient and user-friendly contract management system that eliminates these issues.

Our Goals

Partnering with AntStack, They wanted to enhance the market access experience to improve efficiency and reduce manual errors.

Their comprehensive objectives were to:

  • Improve accessibility of the contract management system.
  • Eliminate offline contract management processes to improve efficiency and reduce paperwork.
  • Minimize the potential for human errors by implementing a user-friendly interface for updating data entities.
  • Implement fine-grained access control for individual users to enhance security and control.
  • Streamline the contract execution process to reduce turnaround time.
  • Enhance scalability to handle usage spikes and accommodate business growth.

AntStack’s ability to build business value made the implementation of new application a resounding success. They used Aurora Serverless PostgreSQL as the primary database for seamless connectivity and integration with Databricks for bi-directional data synchronization. The front-end was built using React, powered by the Hover Design System, enabling the team to reuse common components, reducing the time taken to add new elements and screens to the application.


AntStack helped to build the basic version of the tool that was enough for the process to be simplified and solve the current set of problems. Because of the Agile Development process and serverless architecture, AntStack was able to build the MVP version of the application in about 3-4 months and the development and infrastructure cost of the application was of 20-30% of the tools available on the market.


Automated Report Generation

  • Before implementation, the manual data entry and management required significant effort and resulted in a slow turnaround time for contract execution.
  • After implementation, the system provided automated data entry and management capabilities, eliminating the need for manual intervention and resulting in 4x faster turn-around times for contract execution and data updates. The new system also provided a user-friendly interface for generating reports, with advanced filtering and sorting options.
  • Customer is now able to generate quick reports with increased accuracy, resulting in better decision-making and improved business outcomes.
Automated Report Generation

Improved User Access Management

  • Before implementation of the new system, data entry was a manual and time-consuming process, leading to inconsistencies in data.
  • With AntStack, data entry became a streamlined and automated process. The system’s user-friendly interface allowed non-technical users to easily enter and update data, reducing the potential for human errors.
  • The new system also provided fine-grained access control for individual users, ensuring that only authorized users had access to certain data.
Improved User Access Management

User-friendly Dashboard

  • The implementation of the new system also included the development of a user-friendly dashboard, providing easy access to important information and functions.
  • The dashboard displayed key metrics and data points in an easily digestible format, enabling employees to quickly assess the status of ongoing contracts, renewals, and expiries.
  • Additionally, the dashboard allowed users to perform actions such as creating new contracts and updating existing ones with just a few clicks, reducing the time and effort required for these tasks.
User-friendly Dashboard

Cost-Effective Scalability

  • The new system’s scalability is a remarkable improvement from the previous infrastructure. The new system is designed as an event-based architecture that makes it easy to add new features and functionalities, allowing it to handle usage spikes and accommodate the organization’s future growth.
  • Additionally, the system’s efficient contract management capabilities minimized the risk of contract overruns and compliance issues, saving the client both time and money.
Cost-Effective Scalability

Results that speak volumes

AntStack’s serverless expertise and visionary approaches helped the customer build a robust Market Access Application that streamlined data entry, generated reports with ease, and provided fine-grained access control.

Faster Turnaround
Less manual Work
Cost Savings
  • The new implementation will allow the users to have a 4x faster turnaround time.
  • 70% reduction in manual work through automation and streamlining of processes.
  • 60% cost savings due to the reduction of manual work and increased efficiency.
  • Enhanced security and access control for sensitive data.
  • The integration with upstream data sources through Databricks will enable the users to view and perform bulk updates on the data.
  • The architecture is reliable since it uses various serverless components that have built-in redundancies to avoid service outages and data loss.

In their words


Market Access Team


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