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How Divo Video optimized their payment procedures and integrated a Bulk Payment Mechanism and Scheduled Payout Feature powered by serverless with AntStack

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About Divo Video

Divo TV Private Limited is a leading digital media and music distribution company based in India that has scaled up to become a recognized industry leader with patronage across the globe.

They cover services across several dimensions, such as Rights Acquisition, Music Distribution, Royalty Management, Online Ad Management, Social Media Handle Management, and is a one-stop shop for the community of artists.

The Challenge

Divo Video Platform was confronted with a significant challenge in processing and managing revenue reports for its clients. The company receives multiple reports that need to be uploaded and processed to calculate the revenue generated for each month. The revenue is then stored in the database for future reference.

To ensure prompt payouts to its clients, Divo Video Platform needs to process all the revenue generated for the clients in the previous month by a specific date, typically the 10th of each month. This entails efficacious handling of large amounts of data to ascertain the revenue generated by each client.

Our Goals

  • The revenue reports must be collected from various sources, analyzed, and stored in the database for future reference.
  • Eligible clients should be identified based on the revenue data, and the payout amount should be calculated based on the client’s GST compliance.
  • It is essential to ensure the accuracy of the calculations and comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Divo wanted to optimize its payment process by implementing a mechanism to enable bulk payments for multiple clients in a single transaction.
  • To enhance its payment process, Divo Video Platform needs to integrate the scheduled payout feature within their revenue processing and payment systems.


Results that speak volumes

This collaboration between Antstack and Divo Video Platform personifies the value of leveraging expertise and technology to optimize business processes, streamline operations, and achieve a tremendous impact.

Faster Turn Around.
Team Size
Cost Savings
  • The updated revenue system is streamlined and operates at a faster pace with greater efficiency.
  • Divo achieved significant cost savings with the onset of Lambda functions.
  • The team achieved a 50% boost in efficiency through automated invoice generation.
  • Integration of CashFree payments streamlined the payout process.
  • The use of Lambda for scheduled payments enhanced the payment experience.
  • The new mechanism for bulk payments allowed multiple clients to be paid in a single transaction.

In Divo Video's words

Divo Automates Audio Distribution Processes Through a Secure Serverless Solution via AntStack client pic

Sivakrupa Jithendra Kumar

Product Manager, Divo


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