Top Serverless Platforms to look out for in 2024
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4 min read Jan 4, 2024

Top Serverless Platforms to look out for in 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of serverless continues to evolve, offering more robust and developer-friendly solutions. This evolution marks a significant departure from traditional server-based architectures, heralding a new era where agility, scalability, and efficiency take center stage. As the boundaries of cloud computing expand, serverless platforms are at the forefront, providing developers with tools that are more intuitive, cost-effective, and powerful.

Here are our top 3 picks for the serverless platforms to look out for in 2024.

Momento (

Momento stands at the forefront of serverless technology, offering innovative solutions to optimize and streamline application development. With a focus on enhancing performance and reducing complexity, Momento’s suite of services is tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern applications in the cloud environment. These services include:

Momento Cache: This service focuses on speeding up data retrieval by providing a scalable and efficient caching solution. It’s designed to enhance the performance of NoSQL and relational databases, web applications, and object storage, serving as an ephemeral datastore for various applications.

Momento Topics: It offers a serverless pub/sub messaging system, ideal for applications requiring real-time communication like chat apps, social media updates, and collaborative tools. It handles high volumes of messages with low latency, ensuring efficient communication across distributed systems.

Momento Vector Index: This service aids AI applications by simplifying the process of vector indexing. It’s crucial for tasks that involve similarity searches in large datasets, enhancing the capability of AI-driven functionalities like chatbots and recommendation engines.

You can read how integrating Momento Cache boosted HooChat’s performance in our post.

Supabase (

Supabase provides a comprehensive set of serverless offerings for efficient and scalable application development. The platform’s features cater to a wide range of development needs, from authentication, serverless PostgreSQL database to real-time data handling, offering a seamless experience for both seasoned developers and beginners.

PostgreSQL Database: Offers a fully-managed, scalable solution for data storage, ensuring robust and efficient data management.

Auto-Generated APIs: Streamlines backend development, reducing the time and effort required to set up server-side functions.

Authentication & Authorization: Provides a secure framework for user management, incorporating advanced authorization mechanisms like Row Level Security(RLS) for enhanced security.

Real-Time Subscriptions: Facilitates the creation of dynamic applications with instant updates, ideal for chat apps and live data feeds.

Serverless Storage: An open source Object store with unlimited scalability, for any file type. With custom policies and permissions that are familiar and easy to implement.

Learn how Supabase helps to build applications in less turnaround time here.

Ampt (

Ampt is a cloud platform designed for JavaScript application development. It provides rapid feedback using real cloud infrastructure, allowing you to work in your preferred IDE. Changes are instantly synchronized and deployed to a dedicated developer sandbox for immediate testing and iteration. Ampt’s Node.js runtime supports JavaScript and TypeScript and integrates with various libraries and services. It features core interfaces for HTTP, storage, events, tasks, and WebSockets, with additional modules for specific functionalities. Ampt aims to simplify development with AWS with following modules:

AI: Enables interaction with Gen AI models from Amazon Bedrock for functionalities like chat, image generation from text prompts, text summarization, language translation, and embedding creation. It supports various models and offers options for customizing AI interactions.

API: Offers a built-in web framework for defining public and protected APIs, supporting methods like GET, POST, DELETE, and PATCH. It includes utilities for handling CORS and file serving.

Data: Provides a scalable NoSQL database interface for managing large collections of complex objects. It allows for multiple query dimensions, sorting, and pagination, and covers functionalities like setting, getting, and removing data.

SQL: Utilizes Neon Serverless Postgres for relational data storage and querying. It features the Kysely query builder for advanced queries and covers executing SQL commands and setting up database migrations.

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