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Divo Audio Distribution

Audio Distribution

How Divo automated their audio distribution processes, doubled up on security, and elevated data visibility by 90% powered by serverless with AntStack!

About Divo Audio Distribution

Divo TV Private Limited is a leading digital media and music distribution company based in India that has scaled up to become a recognized industry leader with patronage across the globe.

They cover services across several dimensions, such as Rights Acquisition, Music Distribution, Royalty Management, Online Ad Management, Social Media Handle Management, and is a one stop shop for the community of artists.

In February 2023, Warner Music India has signed a deal to acquire a majority stake in Divo’s Audio Business. Read more about this in Warner Music Group’s Press Release.

The Challenge

Divo found it hard to keep track of movie distribution data (and its contents)- transcoding of cover art (Image) and metadata sheet generation repeatedly for different OTTs. Before their association with AntStack, all these processes were performed manually, which created three broad concerns:

  • High turnaround time of the metadata sheets.
  • It was prone to human error.
  • It raised reliability issues.

Additional challenges included a lack of data visibility within reports, an inability to provide proper data accessibility to clients and calculate payments for each OTT distribution.

Our Goals

  • Divo’s vision was to develop an application that tracked movie distribution, generated metadata sheets and converted cover art images in multiple formats for OTT platforms.
  • Their primary goal was to design a reporting dashboard along with data visualization where Divo’s users could upload the reports that they received from OTT and analyze the performance matrix of the movies.
  • One of their significant concerns was also to create access controls that protect user data and integrate payment gateways.
  • The old system made the entire distribution process cumbersome and time-consuming. With Antstack, Divo was looking for automated, error-free business practices and reduced capital costs.


Our Impact

Automation Revolution

Data collection and automation are now managed through Lambda functions that take care of the business logic. These functions have been configured for S3 triggers to carry out image transcoding and report data capture. S3 has also been used as file storage for cover art, report CSV, and exporting files from the platform. AntStack designed a solution using AWS serverless resources such as API Gateway, Lambda, and Aurora Serverless that reduced Divo’s turnaround time from days to a few hours

Elevated Operational Efficiency

Divo wanted to automate manual processes, but doing so would create gaps in security and make the company liable for issues caused by human error.

AntStack created an API with a Lambda or HTTP interface that could be quickly integrated into Divo’s existing systems and ensured the efficiency of communication.

Cost-Effective API Gateway

Divo’s earlier practice was manual, which meant high human resource costs. AntStack’s API Gateway, using serverless Lambda functions, offers a cost-effective solution that allows Divo to pay only for what they consume, boosting flexibility and reducing expenses.

Ensuring Data Privacy

Divo is now able to offer quicker access to information for its clients. Divo minimized the risk of data exposure by using a secure HTTPS connection and encrypting communication by managing Lambda resources with the AWS Management Console.

A startup within the organisation

The AntStack team is honored to have the privilege of continued collaboration with Divo, an innovative audio management company that lacked a technical team when our journey began. Our developers at the Ant Colony were able to leverage our technological expertise to effectively understand and address the challenges faced by Divo, resulting in a significant reduction in process turnaround time.

Prior to our partnership, it took Divo a week to complete its processes. However, through our strategic collaboration, we were able to streamline their processes and reduce the turnaround time to just 10 minutes. This outcome not only highlights the impact of our partnership with Divo but also exemplifies the significance of leveraging a serverless passionate team to spur business growth.

Results that speak volumes

With AntStack’s solution-driven approach, Divo was able to triumphantly reach their goals and surpass their expectations through the implementation of a robust and secure serverless architecture.

Faster Turn Around.
Team Size
Cost Savings
  • The updated system is streamlined and operates at a faster pace with greater efficiency.
  • Divo achieved cost savings with the onset of Lambda functions.
  • Improved scalability and search functionality for users through database migration.
  • Efficiency is boosted by 50% through the automation of invoice generation
  • Fine-grained access control doubles the level of security.
  • Analytics reduces the time needed to interpret data by a significant 80%.
How Divo automated their audio distribution processes client pic

In their words

Shahir Muneer

Founder & Director, Divo

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