How CoLearn Partnered with AntStack to Achieve Lightning-Fast Load Times and Provide Seamless Learning Experience for Over 4 Million Students.

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About CoLearn

CoLearn is an Indonesian online educational application that focuses on Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry lessons for grades 7-12 students.

Launched in August 2020, CoLearn has helped 4 million students throughout Indonesia get quality explanations through hundreds of thousands of solution videos that can be accessed online, providing both free and paid access to LIVE classes.

The Challenge

Technology in the education industry today, should be like air – invisible, vital, and ever-present. To reflect this, CoLearn decided to upgrade their tech stack and shift to a serverless environment.

Before the transition, they faced several challenges with their previous system. Firstly, their website was built on WordPress, which limited their ability to bring new features to the web along with their iOS and Android applications.

The dynamic features took extensive development time and suffered scaling issues during exam time to handle the traffic due to the limitations of VPS deployment.

The site was mainly static and relied on 3rd party services for dynamic services like Typeform, leading to high page load times and bad user experiences.

Additionally, the subscription packages were manually collected via WordPress and then given out to the sales team to complete the transaction, making it a time-consuming and strenuous process.

To address these challenges, CoLearn partnered with AntStack with the goal to develop a more efficient and user-friendly learning platform.

Our Goals

CoLearn’s primary ask was to create a hassle-free checkout system for their subscription packages and to ensure scalability to accommodate new features and handle high-traffic periods.

They set the following goals for their new platform implementation:

  • Improve website speed and reduce page load times to enhance the user experience.
  • Automate the subscription package process for greater efficiency.
  • Provide a secure and reliable environment for transactions Migrate the website to NextJs and Typescript to enable greater scalability and flexibility.
  • Implement a serverless architecture with AWS Lambdas for infinite scalability and efficient resource utilization.
  • Implement continuous integration and deployment to facilitate faster releases and updates.


Faster Loading Times

CoLearn was under intense pressure to provide an uninterrupted and immersive learning experience, but their slow load times were leaving their user base disappointed.

The AntStack team streamlined the number of server requests resulting in 2.2s of LCP and 2.1s. of FCP. They also integrated a caching solution for frequently accessed data eliminating the need to fetch data from the server each time a user accessed the website.

Additionally, leveraging a Content Delivery Network (CDN) helped distribute the website’s load across multiple servers, located in various regions, reducing latency and delivering a smoother user experience.

Faster Loading Times

Scale to Meet Demand

With AntStack, CoLearn could scale their application to over 3000 static pages on build time. Using serverless frameworks, they were able to decouple different components of the application, making it easier to modify and add new features without affecting the rest of the system.

As a result, CoLearn could scale infinitely to a traffic of over 2.8 million users during exam time while video streaming, and without compromising the user experience.

This partnership successfully integrated new features, such as gamification and personalized learning paths, that enhanced the overall learning experience for CoLearn’s users.

Scale to Meet Demand

Seamless Payment Integration

The AntStack team implemented a new payment gateway that enabled CoLearn to streamline its checkout process and increase revenue by reducing the cart abandonment rate.

The new payment gateway was fully integrated with the platform, allowing users to purchase subscriptions seamlessly. Additionally, the team ensured that the gateway was fully compliant with the latest cybersecurity standards, protecting CoLearn’s users’ sensitive information.

It also provided CoLearn with a range of features that helped to manage subscriptions, process refunds, and monitor transactions in real-time.

Seamless Payment Integration

Two-factor Authentication

AntStack team’s implementation of mobile-based authentication for CoLearn revolutionized user access to the platform.

The Authentication was handled by Next-Auth and Forms were managed by React Hook Forms hosted on Vercel’s own PaaS, which ensured reliable and secure handling of user authentication data. CoLearn users can now easily and securely log in to the platform from their devices.

The added security measures helped CoLearn build trust with users and protect their sensitive information.

Two-factor Authentication

A startup within Organisation

CoLearn faced challenges with its previous system and lacked the technical bandwidth to modernize its tech stack.

AntStack stepped in and played a crucial role in upgrading its system with innovative solutions and fresh ideas, resulting in a faster development cycle and improved performance.

The AntStack team’s adaptability to the education industry’s dynamic market demands enabled CoLearn to gain an edge in the market and deliver an exceptional user experience to its students and end users.

Colearn was highly impressed with AntStack’s exceptional frontend execution and their ability to integrate with the core team.

Results that speaks volume

The collaboration resulted in a seamless and secure implementation of a faster and highly efficient web application for CoLearn that helped them in providing quality education to millions of students in Indonesia.

User Traffic
  • The resulting web application achieved 2.2s LCP and 2.1s FCP.
  • Higher speed allowed the website to rank higher on SERPs, which improved its visibility to potential users.
  • The new platform could scale to 3000+ static pages on build time.
  • The new infrastructure also allows Colearn to scale infinitely to a traffic of over 2.8 million users during exam time while video streaming.
  • A new payment gateway was also implemented, compliant with the latest cybersecurity standards, resulting in a significant decrease in cart abandonment rates and a substantial increase in revenue.

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