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Building gracefully engineered

Art meets engineering - Give your engineering complexities an artistic and graceful user interface and offer pure customer delight

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Industry experience

With us, comes our extensive experience serving a diverse range of clients, from major pharmaceutical companies to logistics providers.

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Finding the right talent to chase the product roadmap.

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Stuck with complex and traditional technology like containers and Kubernetes.

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Present team is occupied and doesn’t have enough bandwidth to innovate.

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No or poor process hampering predictability with respect to spending, developer velocity, and delivery timelines.

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No technical leadership and looks for a reliable partner.

Value Proposition


Serverless-native Approach

No infrastructure operational and cost burdens. Helps to get started very quickly and reduces the time to value by 2X. Increases developer productivity by 30%. Build more with 50% lesser smaller teams.



Our experts are well-invested in your mission. Understand why and to whom we are building this and deliver the best user experience for your customers.


Together better

We work with your existing engineering team and product and bring predictability and decrease the time to value. We come with humanized processes rather than the age-old traditional process.


Startup with your organization

We bring our people and the technology thought leadership with an objective-driven approach and help you navigate easily through the unknowns.

Technology Approach


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Cost of experimentation for infrastructure is $0

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Cost of usage is $0 till a certain traffic volumes

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Fault tolerance/high availability with $0 cost

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Highly adaptable to frequent changes in pilot phase


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Reduce un-needed complexity in modelling and design

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Higher performance with significant lower cost

Tech Stack

We utilise modern front-end tech stack that includes industry-standard technologies to build visually appealing, scalable, and high-performance user interfaces.

Figma Application Development


NextJS Application Development


Momento Application Development


Lambda Application Development


GraphQL Application Development


React Application Development


Typsecript Application Development


AWS AppSync Application Development

AWS AppSync

Serverless Application Development


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Our Service Offering

UX Designs Services

UX Designs

Your customer's journey starts with a great user-centric design. Rapidly breathe life into your ideas. Delight your customer with the designs that power tech.

UI Engineering Services

UI Engineering

Give your business applications a modern makeover with a wide range of front-end engineering frameworks.

Application Development Services

Application Development

Build and run your mission-critical business applications on Serverless. Leverage our serverless consulting services to innovate faster and go further.

Total cost Savings
Faster Time To Market
Smaller Team Requirement

Clients &

AntStack powers ambitious innovators all over the world.

Don't just take our word for it! Take a look at our proud showcase of how we design systems built for speed, efficiency and scale.


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