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Leveraging AntStack for Scalable Growth: A Case Study on Layr's Transformation

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About Layr

Layr is an innovative company in the insurance industry dedicated to increasing broker profitability of their small to medium book of business. Their technology-powered services create a white-labeled experience for prospective clients and policyholders that is, on average, almost 3X as efficient as most agencies can do without Layr. Since 2021, their business has grown dramatically, reaching hockey-stick curved growth by the beginning of 2023 by delivering unparalleled service at competitive prices. Their full-service solution converts an agency’s small to medium book from a loss leader to highly-profitable passive income.

The Challenge

Layr’s legacy platform was built with legacy code which didn’t scale at the rate the business was scaling. The Layr business model, meanwhile, was scaling far faster than the platform they originally built to support it. Furthermore, this technology stack was making it more challenging to meet compliance needs. Finally, this technology stack made it difficult for the company to recruit world-class talent to solve the fast-growing customer demands.

Our Goals

The partnership aimed to create a visually stunning and user-friendly application that enhances efficiency offers new functionalities, ensures sustainability, and boosts customer satisfaction.

New architecture

AntStack built a new architecture for Layr addressing:

  • Scalability issues
  • Compliance standards
  • Security improvements
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better utilization of AWS services

The architecture deployment utilized Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and an event-driven system for high flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Technical Details

The system was developed using a modern and robust codebase and various AWS components. Their unique integration hub ensured smooth communication with external services, and the event-driven architecture maximized integration options.


Increased Productivity

AntStack’s serverless solution is designed with scalability and flexibility in mind to handle the ambitious goals of Layr. With the new platform, Layr aims to achieve a 5x improvement in productivity within 18 months of launch.

Increased Productivity

Improved Security

The new platform developed by AntStack surpassed Layr’s previous platform in terms of security, effectively mitigating the security vulnerabilities that plagued their previous system. This achievement can be attributed to two crucial aspects: infrastructure and code security. AntStack’s certified architects meticulously selected and configured a highly secure infrastructure, while the AntStack and Layr teams collaborated to implement various tools and checks to ensure the application’s security.

Improved Security

Robust Engineering Process

The application development was driven by an exceptional engineering process using cutting-edge methodologies and practices. This approach delivered high-quality code within the scheduled timeline by enforcing adherence to best engineering principles. Incorporating top-tier tools and standards into the development workflow contributed to the current success of the project and laid the groundwork for predictable and efficient future planning. This meticulous process underscores a commitment to quality, maintainability, and continuous improvement, which is essential for ongoing growth and innovation.

Robust Engineering Process

Innovative usage of AWS

AntStack’s serverless solution provided Layr with a streamlined method to access various services, substantially minimizing barriers and opening doors to numerous new market possibilities. This innovative approach uniquely positions Layr as a frontrunner in integration, reflecting a forward-thinking strategy emphasizing agility, scalability, and adaptability. By leveraging modern methods, Layr can respond more effectively to market demands and confidently pursue opportunities.

Innovative usage of AWS

Streamlined Infrastructure Management

Streamlined Infrastructure Management with Infrastructure as Code (IaaC): AntStack was pivotal in facilitating Layr’s transition from manual configurations to Infrastructure as Code (IaaC). This shift eliminated the potential for human error and significantly improved the efficiency of their infrastructure management. Almost every AWS service deployment, including the CI/CD pipelines, was seamlessly orchestrated using carefully crafted IaaC templates. This approach ensures consistency, scalability, and ease of management for Layr’s infrastructure operations.

Streamlined Infrastructure Management

Expedited Compliance Achievements

Layr operates within a highly regulated market where SOC 2 compliance is essential to differentiate itself from competitors. Thanks to AntStack’s serverless solution, the new application achieved SOC 2 compliance at an impressive pace, ten times faster than their previous legacy platform. This accelerated compliance demonstrates Layr’s commitment to meeting industry standards and gives them a competitive edge in the market.

Expedited Compliance Achievements


AntStack’s serverless solutions enabled the Layr engineering team to overcome previous challenges, leading them to success. The partnership illustrates the value and expertise that AntStack brings, making them an ideal partner for businesses seeking growth, scalability, and industry leadership.

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Chief Technology Officer

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