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How LANDAUER achieved Global Search Capabilities and 60% Faster Deployment with AntStack.

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About Landauer

LANDAUER is the leading global provider of technical and analytical services to determine occupational and environmental radiation exposure and the leading domestic provider of outsourced medical physics services.

The company provides dosimetry services to about 1.8 million individuals globally and is used by 78% of United States hospitals. The company offers tools and support for organizations with potential exposure to ionizing radiation, helping them achieve their radiation safety goals.

LANDAUER’s innovations in radiation safety continue to shape the industry in dosimetry and medical physics.

The Challenge

User-Friendly Radiation Management Portal

LANDAUER offers a wide range of dosimetry services and readers, as well as reporting tools for both routine and special monitoring applications. The company wanted to build a user-friendly radiation management portal that would save time while making it easy to perform account management tasks

Modernization of myLDR Platform

They sought to update the myLDR platform, which assists users in meeting their dosimetry needs through periodic monitoring. They sought an advanced and easy-to-implement solution, including the ability to perform specialized calculations for standard dose calculation protocols to improve radiation dose estimation accuracy.

LANDAUER strived for a solution that would enable its users to search databases with sub-millisecond latency. The company’s existing web technology was struggling under the load of such rapid searches, and improving performance would mean faster responses for users.

Our Goals

Before LANDAUER implemented the AntStack solution, they used dotNet services running on huge Windows EC2 instances to provide search functionality. After implementing serverless with AntStack, they wanted to avoid setting up another EC2 cluster for their additional needs; instead, they wanted the flexibility of shifting from managing large clusters to lambda functions.



Streamlining Automated Deployments.

  • LANDAUER relied on a traditional system that used manual deployments, which were more prone to errors, breaks, took more time to deploy new features and perform testing.
  • AntStack set up the infrastructure using AWS CDK, along with GitHub actions. With this transition, LANDAUER didn’t need to worry about manual deployment.
  • Automated deployments led to smoother processes as the automated testing tools with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD), i.e., CI/CD pipelines catch bugs much before production. Automated processes release safeguarded and successful blue/green deployments.
Streamlining Automated Deployments.

Robust Error Handling System.

  • Numerous errors and service failures plagued LANDAUER’s notification system, which was crucial to managing client records. There were many instances of failed ingestion and deleted requests.
  • In order to simplify error handling, AntStack set up an SNS (Simple Notification Service). This setup not only facilitated efficient error handling but also enabled LANDAUER to quickly and easily notify their clients of any technical issues. In the event of a service failure, they were able to fix it immediately.
Robust Error Handling System.

Effortless Upgrades

  • LANDAUER wanted to keep the existing setup while upgrading the system. With AntStack, they had access to an HTTPS API that could be queried independently without having to change anything on their end.
  • Our team created an API that integrates Lambda or HTTP quickly. This catch-all route enabled developers to focus on customizing the API routes, confident that changes would be quickly and easily deployed.
Effortless Upgrades

Cost Effective Scaling

  • In the past, scaling the system up and down was very expensive, depending on user engagement. With AntStack, LANDAUER could use API Gateway with lambda functions using serverless services and pay only for what was being consumed.
  • They could scale up and down during peak times without worrying about downtime and high latency. As the system was event-driven, Antstack utilized Lambda functions to process the events, resulting in significant cost savings.
Cost Effective Scaling

Ensured Confidentiality.

  • After implementation, LANDAUER was able to offer its users secure connections. Connecting API Gateway to Lambda services secures the privacy of communication and reduces the risk of exposing sensitive data.
Ensured Confidentiality.

A startup within the organisation.

LANDAUER was extremely happy with AntStack’s tailored engineering, which exceeded their goals and expectations.

As a result of their great experience with AntStack, they intend to continue advancing their systems with the team.

Having migrated to AWS serverless services, Landauer plans to move its bulky EC2 infrastructure to Lambda Serverless. Additionally, they plan to migrate their database to AWS OpenSearch services for better scalability and search capabilities.

In the future, LANDAUER wants to leverage AntStack’s expertise to switch their database from CouchBase to OpenSearch and set up the backend APIs to interact with OpenSearch.

Results that speak volumes

AntStack designed a suite of tools that empowered Landauer to rapidly move their existing systems onto a reliable and efficient serverless architecture.

Faster GTM
Team Size
Cost Savings
  • The Updated System is Rapid, Effortless to Navigate, and Streamlined for Routine Tasks.
  • Substantial Cost Reduction was achieved by Utilizing Lambda Functions for Event Processing.
  • A High-Performing Serverless Architecture, replacing Bulky EC2 Infrastructure with Lambda.
  • Enhanced Scalability and Search Capabilities for Users with the Migration to a New Database.

In their words



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