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2 min read Jan 24, 2023

Announcing Partnership with Netlify

AntStack is at the forefront of revolutionizing Serverless Application Development. Our partnership with Netlify - a pioneer in remote-first cloud computing - paves the way for an enriched development platform. This platform brings together an array of services including building, deploying, and managing Serverless Applications for both web applications and dynamic websites. Crafted on the bedrock of open web standards, it offers seamless integration of build tools, web frameworks, APIs, and diverse web technologies, crafting a unified developer workflow.

Netlify doesn’t just simplify the process of deploying and hosting web applications, it supercharges it. Offering a myriad of features like continuous deployment, serverless functions, and global content delivery. Furthermore, it provides integrations with popular web development tools, opening up new possibilities for our Frontend Development capabilities.

Our collaboration with Netlify has significantly influenced our perspective on websites and web applications. Today, we’re proud to announce that AntStack has joined the ranks of Netlify’s official official partners. This partnership promises to enhance our Serverless Application Development capabilities as we work together to scale Netlify’s platform and support its global expansion

From consultation to implementation, configuration, and ongoing support, AntStack is committed to delivering exceptional service for our projects and customers. With our direct communication channel with Netlify, we are well-placed to bring a host of benefits to our customers, including access to the latest technology and software, increased efficiency, and cost savings. This game-changing partnership is poised to give your business the competitive edge it needs to thrive and expand.

AntStack now has a direct communication channel with Netlify where we can bring a host of benefits to our customers. From access to cutting-edge technology and software to increased efficiency and cost savings, This partnership will help your business stay competitive and grow.

Venture into the realm of limitless possibilities with AntStack’s Frontend Development expertise. We’re here to empower your business, helping it to reach its most ambitious goals. Build better. Build with us.

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Explore limitless possibilities with AntStack's frontend development capabilities. Empowering your business to achieve your most audacious goals. Build better.

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