Modernize Your Applications to Drive Growth, Reduce TCO and increase profitability using serverless
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2 min read Aug 9, 2023

Modernize Your Applications to Drive Growth, Reduce TCO and increase profitability using serverless

Embracing serverless architecture in the application modernization journey has seen businesses achieve unprecedented levels of growth, a significant reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and increased profitability. At AntStack, we’ve seen these transformations firsthand and can quantify these benefits with compelling statistics.

When it comes to driving growth, one of our clients, a company with variable user demand, experienced a marked enhancement in its ability to handle peak traffic. By utilizing serverless technologies, their system could scale up to accommodate a 35% increase in user demand without any lag in performance.

TCO reduction is another significant benefit that serverless brings. In a case of a high-traffic e-commerce platform, we implemented a serverless solution that eliminated the need for constant server monitoring and management, saving up to 85% on operational overhead. This translated into a significant reduction in TCO.

Cost savings through serverless also directly impact profitability. For a business operating in the financial services sector, we observed a 60% reduction in infrastructure costs by transitioning to a serverless architecture. This, combined with an accelerated time-to-market decrease of 40%, led to an increased net profitability of about 30%.

Moreover, serverless technology is critical in boosting agility for an organization in the logistics domain. Their new serverless infrastructure supported rapid application development and deployment, improving their agility by an impressive 50%.

In conclusion, the shift towards modernizing applications using serverless solutions with AntStack has consistently led to business growth, decreased TCO, and high profitability, securing a competitive advantage in a dynamic digital environment.

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