Iterative App Modernization with Lambda and ECS

If you are running a tightly coupled application and facing multiple issues. If you feel you need to find reliable solutions, then you need to modernise your application. It helps you offload the burden, increases time-efficiency, reduces risk factors and most importantly is budget-friendly. You can begin your modernization journey by AWS. It provides a host of services that are highly useful in the long run. In this workshop, we will be discussing AWS and modernization in detail.


  • AWS Account (Mandatory): For deploying the resources and application
  • AWS-CDK : For creating the AWS Resources and deploying it into the AWS environment. Use the cdk –version command to check if you have aws-cdk already installed on your machine. If you can’t find it on your machine, then use npm install -g aws-cdk command to install aws-cdk on your machine.
  • Python (Optional): If you're planning on trying the code yourself, you should have your Python installed locally. It is recommended to check if you have Java already installed. Use the python3 -version from the command line to check if you have it on your machine (see the output below to check if you have Python installed on your machine. If you can't find it on your machine, then download Python 3.8 or above).
  • Code Editor or IDE of your choosing (Optional, two popular ones are listed below): If you're planning on browsing the code locally, we recommend you to use a Code Editor or IDE
  • Visual Studio Code :
  • PyCharm :

What you’ll learn

  • What is Monolith Architecture? A brief introduction with its advantages and disadvantages.
  • How to build and deploy a monolith application using AWS CDK.
  • What is an API Gateway? How to incorporate API Gateway to your existing application? (We will demonstrate how to incorporate it using console and CDK).
  • Why and How to modernise your current application?
  • What are Microservices? What are its advantages and disadvantages? We will be discussing the strangler fig pattern.
  • Introduction of Lambda and Dynamodb.
  • How to decouple an existing Monolith Application.
  • How to decouple an existing Monolith application using Lambda and Dynamodb with API Gateway.
  • Introduction to AWS ECR.
  • Introduction to AWS managed containerization, AWS ECS. And working with AWS ECS.
  • Introduction to AWS Fargate.
  • How to deploy containers using AWS ECS and Fargate.

Iterative App Modernization with Lambda and ECS

Camera IconVirtual EventEvent calendar IconAugust 19, 2022Clock Icon4:30 AM to 6:00 AM UTC

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